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Apple instructions

Here are the instructions on the Macbook:

  • Hit the power button top right (has a bump)
  • It will make a noise and then be a black screen but the courser is a large white arrow.
  • Hit the Function button twice to turn on dictation, button left (has a bump) note, hitting the function button twice both turns it on and turns it off.
  • Say "Open Microsoft Outlook"
  • To read emails open the email enter button is on the middle right and has a bump, then hit ESC button once which is the top left button also has a bump on it. To spot reading hit the ESC button once again.
  • To reply or reply to all, turn dictation on (Function button twice) and say reply, then dictate your reply and say Send.
  • To Close, Say "Quit" and the application, for Outlook, Quit Outlook.

Hope this works for you!