This site is intended to be a tool for caretakers and/or people who have lost their vision partially and/or fully and who are looking to access technology and make their life simpler.

Patrick Lennon, CEO and founding partner at ROI Media Direct - a preeminent radio and television direct response advertising agency handling such top tier clients as LifeLock, Regus Office Solutions, 1-800-DENTIST and many others - conceived No Limits Mission & this site, Blind Resources, after refusing to let a myriad of major medical issues derail his career dreams.

The links available on Blind Resources have helped Patrick continue to succeed and most were found by trial and error. Wanting to make the process easier for others that are blind or low vision he created this site to have everything in one place. By no means is this everything that is out there but it's a great start.

If you know of a resource not listed here, please click here to contact Patrick with your comment or suggestion. It will be appreciated.